Education is essential for the future of humanity. 

However, education is very square; the variation between a country and another is very minimal in the scope of subjects that a student could explore. Yet, there is so much to explore in this world.

The variation between two students in the same academic institution is negligeabe. Yet, people have wide differences in their learning styles. 

The academic system is too narrow to develop the mind of our youth to its full potenial.

Our teachers and educators are severely under-rewarded, if our objective is to educate and elevate the next generation.

The admission process to colleges and universities is so incredibly flawed that the first step would be to fix the problem *1. Matching each student to the right institution is core to the successful learning journey of our youth. Most importantly the process should be fair, transparent and void from human bias. Thus, to the extent technically possible robotic processes should replace human decisions and by the same token, candidates should receive their answer in real time when applying.

Right is Might!

*1 College admissions are based on:

  • GPA is not uniform and varies from a teacher to another from a school to another and thus is not a comparative metrics
  • SAT becoming optional have lost their ability to act as a means to standardize GPAs
  • Recommednation letters should all be good if written by ethical teachers. So they cannot be a metric
  • Essays only reflect the writing skills of a student (and often their entourage). They are a serious disadvantage for those with strength in Math and Science. Most importantly, assessing an essay is subjective and tainted by the reader's bias
  • Finally, admission should not be focused on past performance, but rather on future potential

"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"

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Educational Excellence 

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