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Intellectual Property

Publications & Speaking Engagements

"Decision under Uncertainty" Published in Menlo Park, CA 2020
"Artificial Intelligence: Mimic the way we think" Published in - 2018
"Reducing The Uncertainty Around Ownership of IP Rights" IP LES Global News, CA -2015
"IP Strategy And The Perfect Storm" Book Published by Apple, CA 2015
"IP Impact on Product Design" Keynote at AngelBeat: Cloud Virtualization Mobility, Anaheim, CA - 2014
"Patent Infringement Risk Exposure Characterization" Published by LES Nouvelles, Palo Alto, CA - 2011
"Making Search Relevant" published online, Palo ALto, CA -2008
"Merits of a Multi-Criteria Reverse Auction" published online ,Washington, DC 2008
"Reverse Auction Adoption" Speaker at industry consortium by the White House's OMB, Washington, DC - 2008
"Oracle Systems Corporation" Paper published by Darden School of Business, Charlottesville, VA - 2008
"Tradeoff based Multi-criteria Decision Theory" Lecture at Boeing, Palo Alto, CA - 2007
"Tradeoff Based Search - Getting Relevant Results" Paper published online, Menlo Park, CA- 2007
"Turning Data into Knowledge, and Knowledge into Action" LMCO- MCES, Orlando, FL - 2005
"e-Commerce: Building an Integrated End-to-end Solution" Keynote speaker at access2000, Long Beach, CA - 2000
"Database Clustering" Paper presented to the Compaq User Group (Encompass), San Diego, CA - 1999
"Workflow Software in BPR Practices" Keynote speaker at Workflow Conference, Milan, Italy - 1995
"Workflow to Re-engineer Loan Processing" Keynote speaker at Conference, Quito, Ecuador - 1994
"State-of-the-art Data Access and RAD Tools" Paper presented to the Oracle User Group, Dubai, UAE - 1991
"Hyperlink Applications with Oracle" Paper presented at Oracle User Group, Albany, NY - 1990
"Detecting Underground Fluids Using Wave Propagation" Thesis at MIT , Cambridge, MA - 1987

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